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Digital Marketing Strategy

FreeGren will help you make the right decisions to make your company successful online with proven digital marketing services. An effective digital strategy provides a framework to follow which includes the key activities of strategy development and implementation.

Digital Presence Management

A consistent presence across multiple digital channels is critical to your brand’s digital marketing success. At FreeGren we take pride in helping our clients achieve a comprehensive local digital presence that ensures they will be found by all types of customers.

Search Engine Marketing

No other advertising medium can put your message in front of a motivated customer at exactly the moment when they’re making a purchase decision. FreeGren can help you grow your business with this incredibly effective digital marketing service and technology.

Search Engine Optimization

Research shows that websites linked from the first page of Google get almost 95% of the clicks. FreeGren Digital specializes in helping clients increase the number and quality of visitors to their websites by improving their rankings on search engine results through proven SEO digital marketing services in Bellevue.

Creative Copy Development

Creative copy is critial to digital marketing and is about more than attracting SEO robots, its about how to use storytelling and marketing to craft a strategic and appealing business communication. At FreeGren we use tone and voice to create attractive messages that are distinct and consistent with your brand.

Website Development

Within seconds of landing on your website do your customers clearly understand what your company does? Do they also understand why your offerings are better than those of your competition? A good website is more than just a beautiful design, it is a medium that will address your customer’s core concerns and convince them to pick up the phone.

“You can rest well at night knowing your Company is in the hands of the most genuine, experienced professionals in the industry! It has been such a great experience partnering with FreeGren, who treats you like a friend instead of just business. With one on one coaching in all aspects of a digital marketing strategy, they have your back. Their team always know which levers to pull and buttons to push based on logic and data. No BS, no guess work, no up-selling. They cater a game-plan specific to you and what is relevant in our current times. FreeGren is well respected in their industry and foster numerous relationships with service providers specializing in call tracking, review curration, social channels, and much more. They are experts in SEO optimization, adwords, driving customers to you, and go above and beyond what other 'box store services' might provide. We trust FreeGren to help us rank at the top and beat our competitors”

- Matthew M.


“FreeGren took my existing budget and gave me results that far exceeded what I was getting before. My calls/texts/emails are responded to right away, I can't recommend them highly enough!”

– Sarah T.

“It was terrific working with FreeGren. They consistently brought high quality strategic ideas to the table...first meeting our expectations and then delivering even more!”

– Partner and Managing Director,

F500 Consulting Company

“Dan and Scott have been super helpful on getting our business up. They really know their stuff and know the SEM biz. 5 stars for sure and I highly recommend FreeGren!”

– Shane C.